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Wednesday October 5, 2005 JST

Rss is a way to get latest news on web.

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I will not write about rss specifications, or scare you with words like XML or ATOM. You don’t need it to read rss. I will write about how useful rss can be, how can you always get latest news, weather forecast, your bookmarked sites updates and much more with just one mouse click.

Let’s begin. Rss is the way how you can get different information in one place. Where information come from? Different sites write it for you. How to read rss? There are many Rss Programs, you will get rss news in them like mail in e-mail client but you don’t need any accounts or mail boxes. How to get information? Rss soft will download it automatically or you will need to press “Update” button. What will you get? Some rss soft have news channels in channel list already some have not. Anyway you will add your own channels. To add a channel you need to put special address in your rss soft “Add channel” dialog. Nowadays most of sites have rss channels, you will see one of such things on them: orange button with text “rss” or “xml” like on this site or link with text RSS. You need to copy link address and past it in rss “New channel” dialog. That’s all, if you think it’s not so easy do it 2-3 times to get it.

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